For at least two years, a Confederate memorial on interstate 10 in Orange has been controversial before it was fully constructed. The memorial honors those who fought for the confederacy during the civil war. However, the flags that fly there have been hurtful and offensive to some who say the flags represent "Hate" and "Slavery."

"I would stand up against it if someone tried to knock it down," said Jeff Milligan, an Orange resident.

53-year-old Milligan doesn't agree with the protesting going on in New Orleans. He's only yards away from the historical confederate monument in orange on Martin Luther King Junior Drive.

"It just shows our inheritance about the past," said Milligan. "It has nothing to do with black or anything like that."

"I think people are rising up and turning against their own history," said Gary Bray, a Sons of Confederate Veterans member.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans group is dedicated to preserving confederate monuments around the country. The group’s website reads, "There has been an immense amount of misinformation and misdirection concerning the situation in New Orleans in regards to the confederate symbols."

"Somebody tells you ‘this is racist’ and then everyone believes it,” said Bray.

The city of Orange has banned parking near the I-10 memorial but has no plans for dealing with the confederate monument.