Brandy Robertson woke up to quite a surprise Thursday morning. As she was leaving her home at the corner of Maxwell Circle and 23rd Street in Orange, she noticed the back window of the family's PT Cruiser was smashed.

"It had a hole, and the glass around the hole was shattered," Robertson told 12News Friday.

Robertson says it cost about $100 to fix, thankfully covered by insurance. Robertson believes it was the work of vandals but doesn't know what was used to break the window. In a normally quiet neighborhood where her kids like to play, Thursday's episode now has Robertson feeling a little uneasy.

"I don't know if it would have been something to actually hurt any of us, or the children, but what's to say they don't do something to our home the next time?" Robertson said.

The Robertsons' car was one of at least five properties reported vandalized Thursday, including two other cars right around the corner from Robertson on Oakmont Drive and two businesses, Safety Wear on I-10 and the old Blockbuster on 16th Street. A large floor to ceiling window pane was found shattered at Safety Wear. Three window panes were also shattered at the Blockbuster, but still stand. The front doors were also smashed but have already been replaced. The owner of the Blockbuster property says damages totaled $1,600. The owner says the glass company told her that it appears the windows appear to have been shot with a BB gun.

Since all the properties had similar damage, and are all within about a 2 mile radius of the intersection of 16th Street and I-10, police believe they're connected, but have no leads on any suspects.

Whoever's responsible, they could learn a thing or two from Robertson's 12-year-old son Nicholas.

"It's not theirs so they shouldn't mess with it, just like at school, if it's not yours, you shouldn't mess with it," said Nicholas.

If you have any information that may help investigators, call Orange Police at 409-883-1026.