Marva Paul has owned Club DJ's on Simmons Drive in Orange since 1988. She said her lounge has been broken into before, but never through the roof.

Paul said when she arrived at work Monday morning, she noticed a large hole in the ceiling above the bar.

"I could the see the brilliant sunlight coming through," she said.

Burglars apparently ripped a turbine from the roof and climbed inside sometime early Monday morning.

Paul, not one to keep cash in the lounge overnight, says the burglars only managed to get away with $40 in change, stolen from the quarter slot torn from a pool table. Paul believes the burglars were searching for money to feed a drug habit.

"Heavy drug trafficking and drug use that we're familiar with... on this side of town is probably the most probable cause for continuous thefts and break-ins," Paul speculated.

Club DJ's wasn't the only place hit. Bayou Club, less than half a mile down the road from DJ's, was also broken into the same morning... also through the roof.

Bayou Club owner Beth Strickland says more than $1,000 was stolen from video poker machines and a safe.

Paul says she feels sad for whoever's responsible.

"Instead of making our lives miserable, same as theirs are, they should seek professional help."

Paul will be seeking professional help of her own to get her ceiling fixed.

Police have no suspects at this time, but Paul says she saw what looked like two men scoping out the area as she was closing up last week. She says the men were in a boat using a spotlight in the waterway just behind her club.