Deweyville resident Bill Burch says he woke up Thursday morning thinking about his sister, Minnie Seabolt.

"I miss her smile; her smile and her jokes. That's something you can't replace," Burch told 12News in an exclusive interview.

Thursday marked the one year anniversary that Seabolt was shot and killed outside the Jefferson County courthouse.

"It seems a lot longer in some ways, and other ways it doesn't seem that long," Burch said. "It seems like it just happened."

Police say Seabolt was an innocent bystander in the shooting that left three others injured, including the accused gunman's own daughter and ex-wife. Police say the accused shooter, Bartholomew Granger, targeted both of them after they testified against him that morning in a sexual assault case.

"You can't go by that building anymore without thinking about it," said Beaumont Police Chief Jim Singletary. "I was so proud of my officers that day, they ran straight toward the gunfire."

The oldest daughter of 14 children, Burch says Seabolt was more like a mother than a sister. He describes her as an adventurous, caring person who enjoyed helping people in her community. In fact, she was doing just that the day she lost her life.

"She had carried a friend that had lost a husband over there (the courthouse) for her V.A. benefits," said Burch.

He says the 79-year-old also had a wicked sense of humor.

"She was a big jokester. If she could get a joke over on one of her siblings she would do it in a heartbeat."

Burch says he tries not to think about that terrible day, but when he does, he tries to stay positive.

"It wouldn't do me any good to live my life in anger. It wouldn't make my sister come back."

Now he tries to live his life the way Seabolt led hers.

"As far as a heart, she had a heart bigger than all of Texas, and I don't think anyone will ever fill her shoes."

Burch said he hopes Granger gets the death penalty, which Jefferson County Assistant District Attorney Ed Shettle says they will push for in Granger's upcoming capital murder trial. Jury selection for the trial is scheduled to begin April 2 in Galveston County.