Residents in the North end of Beaumont are relieved after the city council voted against opening a new game room.

Property manager Truong V Le made a request for a permit to open the game room at a location off of East Lucas Drive at a shopping center.

Councilman Mike Getz said city council members voted unanimously against the proposed game room because it would not be beneficial for the neighborhood.

Lyeisha Wade who lives in a neighborhood nearby said a game room in the north end would be a horrible idea.

“This is definitely not a good idea because this is the hood that is the reality and a game room is not a good idea,” said Wade. “When I think of a game room I think of the dangers because they mostly get robbed most of the time.”

According to the City of Beaumont, there are 43 game rooms in the city. According to the city eight of the game rooms are located off of 4th street.

"Putting those game rooms in the low income areas, we should not be there at all it brings more problems and more danger,” said Wade.

There is only one game room located near Beaumont’s west end off of Colleges Street but most of the game rooms are located in the Northern part of town.

Anthony Maple who lives nearby East Lucas said he thinks game rooms only cause problems for the city.

“To me that brings more violence to the area because 9 times out of 10 someone tries to rob the game room and most of the time it is a killing," said Maple.

Maple said he hopes game rooms will get closed down in the future so the community can focus more on children.

"If you want to gamble go to Louisiana, go to where it’s legal at,” said Maple. “Build a youth center why not build a youth center or something for the kids get them into classes or something.”

To see a detailed map of game rooms that are located in your area, click here.