A popular grocery store in Port Arthur is getting ready to close its doors for good. Nick's Grocery has been in business since 1959.

“It’s been a long journey and great customers, I thank the good Lord for it,” said Nick Nicotre, the owner of Nick’s Grocery.

Since its opening in 1959, the store has been known to carry your everyday grocery items. But Nicotre says his boudain captivated the customers.

"It’s been keeping us in business all these years,” said Nicotre.

76-year-old, Mary Young says that she's been a loyal customer since the store opened.

"They do my turkeys and whatever I order,” said Mary Young, a customer at Nicks Grocery. “They are like family to me."

This week, the store began a “going out of business" sale that will last until the entire inventory is gone.

"I know it’s time for them to give up things because they are tired, so I understand,” said Young.

Nicotre says the many years of hard work and perseverance has all paid off.

"It’s been good for us but it’s time for another adventure in our lives,” said Nicotre.

The store will remain open until the entire inventory is gone.