Commuters who drive through Lumberton on Highway 69 will be greeted by two new traffic lights once school starts in August.

The Texas Department of Transportation has placed the new lights in front of Lumberton High and Intermediate Schools. A spokesperson for Lumberton I.S.D. said it is a joint effort to make the drop off and pick up times more safe for students and parents.

The lights will only operate during those two times Monday through Friday. The rest of the day the lights will blink yellow.

"Any time there are new adjustments like this we always ask people to be prepared. Leaving a little early might help you a little bit. Everyone's going to have to get adjusted to it," Sarah Dupre with TxDOT said.

The lights will be operational by August 25 when school starts. The traffic lights in front of Wal-Mart will be torn down and replaced with a stop sign.