A Port Arthur man stands accused of attacking a police officer who was attempting to arrest him on a domestic violence charge. It happened at a home on the 21 hundred block of Waverly Circle.

"I don't believe this,” said John Joe, a neighbor of the suspect. “This is known as a quiet neighborhood.”

Joe has lived on Waverly Circle for more than 15 years and says that he’s never seen Johnson as an aggressive person.

"I heard some sirens outside when it happened and then I looked out the door to see what was going on,” said Joe.

This is when Joe witnessed dozens of police units on the street next to the home. It was where 44-year old John Johnson Jr. was detained and charged with assaulting a Port Arthur police officer during a domestic disturbance call.

"They are good people and they would never do anything crazy that I know of,” said Joe. ”This is the first time I have heard of anything in this area."

Joe says Johnson has lived with his parents for many years at the location and never found him aggressive.

"If he needs some help then he needs to get some help," said Joe.

The officer who was injured drove herself to an area hospital for treatment. Johnson's family did not wish to talk with us about the incident.

"I hope everything goes smooth for the family and they work it out over there,” said Joe.

The officer who was injured was released from the hospital yesterday. The incident is still under investigation.