Parents in the Nederland school district are concerned about a Twitter account that was being used to spread gossip about students' behavior.

The tweets on the account made explicit sexual and drug related references and even discussed illegal activity at school.

The account @NedConfess was shut down, but students' tweets using the name are still visible.

Some of the tamer tweets read "Nederland, where students are higher than their grades," and "where girls have sex in the boys' locker room."

Students used their real names on public profiles to post the inappropriate messages.

With the nature of the comments, it could be a case of cyber bullying, but Police Chief Darrell Bush said they wouldn't get involved unless it's reported.

"If there was someone that felt like they had been bullied on here or anywhere then the appropriate action would be to contact us and let us start an investigation on it," he said.

Parents like Remi Miguz are concerned and want to see the school take action.

"It's disappointing and it's sad," she said. "I can't believe it's our Nederland kids doing this."

Nederland ISD would not comment about their policy on student's online behavior.