Chevron Park on Highway 366 has been the home of Nederland Little League for the past 50 years.

Many kids have fond memories of sunny afternoons spent playing ball.

"I hit my first homer here... it felt like the greatest thing ever," said Jack Bieber, a current Nederland Little League player.

The upcoming season will be the last for the Chevron fields, though. Located right next to a Chevron tank farm, the company has given the league until December 31 of this year to relocate.

"It was a safety concern," said Jimmy Harrison, a member of the little league board. "This is the main entrance for us getting out of here, and the main entrance for people getting into [the Chevron] facility, so if there was ever a need for any emergency vehicles... and we had people getting out, it could just be a very bad traffic jam."

Harrison says they already have a plot of land close by to build a new park, but it will be expensive.

"There's a lot of work... we've got to build infrastructure, lights, sewage... it's about $250,000-$275,000 per field," said Harrison.

Harrison says they're not angry at Chevron for forcing them to leave. Chevron is chipping in $100,000 to help fund the new fields, but Harrison is worried they might not be able to build the park they want for the kids.

"If we don't get enough money raised, it's going to be tough to get a field, we have to rely on donations, we have to rely on the community," he said.

Whatever happens, Harrison says the kids will have something to play on next year.

"I'm excited, but I wish we could stay here," said little leaguer Jake Harrison.

"It's going to be sad to leave," said his friend Logan Louvier.

You can lend your support for the league's new field project by visiting their booth at the Nederland Heritage Festival.