A young Nederland boy fighting a terrible disease may soon get a furry friend to help him through it.

13-year-old Christian Borel was diagnosed with epilepsy in March. His mom says she has to be with him 24/7, but for a single mother of two, that kind of attention can take its toll.

"It's really tough because I have to stay up with him at night sometimes. I sometimes have a friend come in and watch him overnight so I can catch some Z's but most of the time it's just me," Christian's mother Christina told us Saturday afternoon.

Christina has a busy life. Her son Christian suffers from epileptic seizures caused by a rare birth defect; he's missing a small part of his brain.

"He will go unconscious, he'll hit the floor, he'll start shaking on the right side because his left side goes paralyzed," Christina said.

Now Christian can't enjoy the things he used to do before being diagnosed.

"The regular boy stuff," he said, like climbing trees and playing sports.

His mom is with him all the time, watching over him. So to relieve some of that burden, the family and some friends sold sausage links and T-shirts in Nederland Saturday afternoon to help raise money for a seizure alert dog.

"If for any reason Christian starts acting weird, the dog will alert us that we need to be a little more alert with what's going on with him," Christina said.

Christian's grandfather Larry suffers from sever emphysema. A year ago, doctors told him he had 6 months to live.

"But I'm not worried about me, I'm worried about my grandson. I've lived my life, I don't care, I'll be here long enough I hope to see him get this dog and to live a little while," Larry said.

Now he says taking care of his grandson is what gives him strength, saying, "It just keeps me going to know that I'm helping him."

But raising money for the dog won't be easy. Christina says it will cost $25,000. The family has only raised a couple thousand so far, but she says she's confident they'll get there eventually.

If you would like more information on the family or want to know how you can donate, the family has made a Facebook group. All you have to do is search "Caring for Christian".