Courtesy NBC News

What "MythBusters" fans want, "MythBusters" will give! In 2007, the hit Discovery show took on the case of the "Bifurcated Boat." A man who was driving a speedboat had crashed into a channel marker, and the accident had nearly split the boat in two. Sounds like speed was involved, right? Maybe not. The man claimed that he was going just a measly 25 MPH.

"MythBusters" to the rescue! With some tests, the gang busted the tale after their model boat merely glanced off their marker with little damage. But viewers complained about the bust, so the show is now revisiting the myth in its 10th season, and Discovery is sharing an exclusive look at the second attempt to bust the myth with

"Our results were less than spectacular," Grant Imahara admits in the clip. "But according to you fans, that's because our methodology was totally wrong!"

"Because we didn't do it on water!" Kari Byron adds in the video.

Testing damage to a boat and not using a body of water of some sort? No wonder fans wanted a redo!

And it turns out there were some other problems too when testing the myth the first time. (Including an accident involving dropping one boat. Oops!) Take a look at some of the blunders, as well as what the "MythBusters" plan to do to make this attempt more accurate: