Donations continue to come in to up the reward to find those responsible for the murder of Kera Teel and her baby Kyndel. This story has hugged at the heartstrings of so many.

Teel was 7 months pregnant when she was shot in her car, early Tuesday morning, at Sienna Apartment complex. Her daughter Kyndel died shortly after at the hospital.

Beaumont Police say they have seen an increase in donations to the Crime Stoppers reward, to find the 3 attackers, mainly because this is a high profile case.

Officer Carol Riley says the reward is used as a tool to catch the killers.

"This is a way that maybe you can step in and be a crime fighter with us, help us get those tools we need to get another chain and and somebody to come forth. Anytime you have more than one suspect, someone knows something, someone is talking."

Beaumont PD has been working around the clock to solve this case and are still asking for your help in solving this case.

Three ways you can help, by phone by calling 409-833-TIPS, online at and by the mobile app 'P3 tips'

Every tip is anonymous and go directly to an investigator.