A rash of arsons in Beaumont is keeping firefighters busy and neighbors on edge.

There were at least five intentionally set fires last month, including the one at the abandoned Castle Motel.

During the first week of August, there have already been three.

Fire Captain Brad Penisson says what most of them have in common is that they have been started in vacant houses.

Joey Daigle lives near one of the burned houses on Hazel Street in Beaumont. He says his dog has scared off several transients from that house, and that's who he believes caused the fire.

Daigle says it could have easily spread to neighboring homes.

"It'd be easy to take off from here to 11th Street real quick, and there'd be a lot of nice old homes burned," said Daigle.

Captain Penisson told 12News, "Anytime we have a crime where there's no suspect information, no financial motives for doing these kind of fires, it makes it difficult to investigate."

Captain Penisson says fire investigators also suspect transients in most of the arsons, which he says have taken place throughout the city.

He says they are either cooking, smoking, or possibly using drugs and that could be igniting the fires.