The Beaumont Police Department hosted a memorial ceremony to honor two of our local fallen officers.

When the Beaumont Police Department unveiled the newest addition to the fallen officer memorial it brought a tear to Gloria Prince's eye.

Prince said, "These ceremonies are always difficult and hard to get through."

Prince's daughter, officer Lisa Beaulieu, was killed in the line of duty in 2007 after being hit by a drunk driver on Eastex freeway. The new female statue represents all of the women on the police force and remembers those who are no longer with us.

"She would have been really proud to know this statue was here," said Prince thinking of her daughter.

"Lisa would've been tickled pink. She would've loved it," said officer Carol Riley who thought of Beaulieu as a sister. "It's something she would've been thrilled to be apart of."

Fallen officer Bryan Hebert was also honored today. His badge was added to the memorial after he lost his life in the line of duty last summer. Investigators say a man who was being chased by officers hit him intentionally.

"Bryan was never the, I'm the spot light' type of guy," said Hebert's sister Holly Hebert. "But Bryan would be most appreciative."

Hebert and her family were blown away by the ceremony and all of the community support.

"I can see him in my head looking down from heaven smiling on us," said Hebert.

"What a way to be remembered, dying doing something you love," said officer Riley.

With tears and hugs the lives of those who put it all on the line everyday were celebrated and remembered. Now with the memorial, they will never be forgotten

The police memorial is an important symbol of the ultimate sacrifices made by fallen officers and provides an inspiration for current officers everyday.