A Beaumont returned home after spending more than a month recovering in the hospital from a pit bull attack.

Jeffrey Carnley, 47, said he rests easier at home after spending all of May recovering from the attack in a hospital bed.

It was early morning on April 25 when Carnley, who has Down Syndrome, was taking his own dog for a walk. A spokesperson for Beaumont Animal Services said 3 pit bulls attacked Carnley and his pet Schnauzer, Dallas. Neighbors ran to help him.

Carnley suffered deep puncture wounds in his right arm from the attack.

"I could feel the pressure of the teeth. I could feel the pressure and the bone and the teeth. I could feel it. The bone went through the skin. Through the under skin," Carnley said.

While there were initial concerns Carnley might lose his arm from the attack, doctors now say he will only be left with visible scars. Carnley thanks everyone who prayed for him after the attack.

Beaumont Animal Services seized and euthanized two pit bulls responsible for the attack. The third was never located.