John Stafford of Beaumont says his wife found spray painted racial slurs in their driveway and on campaign signs in their front yard Saturday morning.

The racial slur appeared to be directed toward President Obama.

The vandal or vandals had spray painted a lewd image of a "body- part" next to the message. The vandalized campaign signs were in support of Obama and Congressional Candidate Nick Lampson.

Pouring bleach and cranking the pressure washer, John Stafford spent Tuesday afternoon trying to rid his driveway of a hateful message.

"I know racism is still going on in the south and in Beaumont. It really kind of turns your stomach knowing people would do silly things like that," Stafford said.

Stafford says the message was spray painted sometime overnight Friday. He says his wife first noticed the graffiti Saturday morning.

"Looked at it and saw Obama sign got spray painted. Turned around and the driveway was even worse," Stafford said.

After talking to others on Shanahan street where Stafford lives, it's clear that people with different viewpoints live there.'

12 News stumbled on the home of a Jefferson County Republican Party Chairman who had just learned about the graffiti in Stafford's drive way.

"I'm a patriotic American and I have a dim view of that sort of thing. If we could help him in anyway we'd certainly be glad to do that," Precinct 73 Chairman Bill Lucas said.

Stafford sees the vandalism as an intimidation attack but says it failed. When asked if his support for the Democratic party had been swayed he replied with "absolutely not."