Parents who pay high monthly tuition at a Lumberton gymnastics center are worried they won’t be getting their money back.

Rosalia Triana, former manager at Olympic Dreams Gymnastics, said she is completely out of the loop and found out the gymnastics center received an eviction notice on Monday night.

“I wasn't even informed about what was really going on," said Triana.

Triana said she had no idea the owner, Hayley Troutman, did not make lease payments for the past two months.

“To not be told anything, I’m even more frustrated because I’d appreciate if I was told what’s going on,” said Triana.

She reached out to Troutman several times but never heard back from her. She took matters into her own hands by deciding to close the gymnastics center.

Triana explains she made a post on the business’ Facebook page about the business closing but was later kicked off the page, which is now deleted.

"I can only imagine how it is for the parents because they pay monthly and sometimes they pay extra for meets and private lessons,” said Triana.

Triana said some parents who go to the center would pay up to $400 dollars a month.

Several parents sounded off on Facebook after they found out the gymnastics center was closed.

One parent named Cassie Harrison told 12news the center kept charging her debit card after her daughter left the gymnastics center.

She said Troutman still owes her money and is worried about getting paid back.

Triana said she decided to resign Thursday after reaching out to Troutman several times and had to let go of the other employees.

She said she is still waiting to get paid along with other employees.

"I love the job but if I’m not getting paid for it you know, I’m 21, I’m not in high school and my parents aren’t taking care of me 100 percent financially,” said Triana.

Triana found a new job but hopes she eventually gets answers.

12news stopped by Troutman’s home and left her a message on her phone but she never answered our messages.