Six months after Lumberton starts selling alcohol the city's tax revenue is shooting up through the roof.

In November, voters approved the sale of beer and wine in Lumberton's convenience and grocery stores.

And said yes to the sale of mixed drinks in restaurants.

It started the day before Christmas 2012 and six months later the city is bringing in record sales tax revenues.

But it's not just from alcohol sales.

Alcohol sales revenue are not tallied separate from regular sales tax revenue. But City Councilman Don Burnett says it's because the selling of alcohol has added the convenience of one stop shopping to Lumberton.

"We've seen a consistent growth of 15 to 16 percent. Anywhere to 9 percent. Overall growth for the year we're up about $64,000 for the year," Burnett said.

Critics of passing alcohol said the beverage would bring crime but the Lumberton Police Department say the numbers say otherwise.

When sales began in December to June 1st, the police department recorded 39 DWI's and 48 public intoxications. December 1st, 2011 to June 1st, 2012 it recorded 37 DWI's and 42 PI's.