Some areas of Lumberton got six inches of rain Friday. Unofficial reports indicate the prolonged rainfall drenched the area with 9 1/2 inches of rain over a 24-hour period.

The city's Maintenance Department has been working around the clock filling sandbags.

Wading through water to get to her home, Sarah Albrecht's small street is hidden under the floodwater.

"This has actually been the worst we've seen. We're having to sandbag our house," says Albrecht.

Albrecht's husband, like many Lumberton residents, took advantage of sandbags being distributed by the city as rain seeped through their homes.

"My neighbor in the house behind me called at 4 this morning and was having issues with water and the neighbors next to her has water in their house," she says, "It was coming into our garage. We immediately started calling the city."

12News contacted the city who says it's drainage systems were at their max Friday.

"These detention ponds are for overflow. They will accept water when we have excessive rain. Our outfall ditches can't handle it and our outfall ditches this morning were to capacity," says City Manager Steve Clark.

But Albrecht wants more done saying drainage is an issue.

"It's a nuisance. Our houses are gonna be ruined if somebody doesn't take this seriously and get out here and fix this drainage," she says.

The city says it's aware of the problem.

"We're addressing them and we're doing the best we can," says Clark.

Clark says it will take time. But in the meantime, the Albrecht family says they're living in a lake full of high waters and new house guests.

"We've had bull frogs on our back porch, snakes on our back porch and everything that comes with a lake is at our house," she says.

The City Manager says the city has applied for a grant to improve drainage in the city.

The city's maintenance building will be open late Friday night for anyone needing sandbags.