The University of Texas at Austin's enrollment policies are the topic of discussion among US Supreme court Justices and students at Lamar University in Beaumont.

A woman sued UT in 2008 claiming the admissions department denied her enrollment because she is white. She argues that violates the US Constitution's guarantee of equal protection.

"Everyone should be allowed to a equal education no matter what race they are," Giovanni Moffatt said.

"I'm with UT on this one. They had those guidelines there for a purpose," Ryan Dollinger said.

Opinions aside -- Ryan Dollinger says it was a simple process enrolling at Lamar.

"I applied online and within a week I received an acceptance letter," Dollinger said.

It's easy to tell students on campus come from several different backgrounds which brings a sense of comfort for Hispanic student Kassie Kolander.

"The race is diverse, you don't feel singled out at all. There's so many different types of people," Kolander said.

But what brings such a diverse group of students to the college. At Lamar University students are accepted based on two things -- their SAT or ACT test scores and their rank in their high school graduating class.

Race has no say in a students acceptance.

"We don't' specifically have to use anything other than academic achievement in our enrollment process to get a diverse group," Associate V.P. of Strategic Enrollment Dr. Sherry Benoit said.

Dr. Benoit says the university is fortunate to be surrounded by cities full of people with different racial backgrounds.

"We don't have to do anything to make it happen here at Lamar, but we do celebrate it," Dr. Benoit said.

It's a diversity at Lamar that many students including Dollinger embrace as a way to learn outside the class room.

"I'm introduced to new backgrounds, atmospheres, foods, dances. When I leave here, I feel I will be an overall well rounded person," Dollinger said.