As local hotels fill up with evacuees, we spoke to a family who left their home in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana, with a total of 60 family members young and old.

For the past three days, Scherita Strickland and her family have kept their eyes glued to the TV.

"Just not knowing how my home is, is just killing me right now," said Strickland.

As they continue to watch the path of the storm this family is haunted by the memories of living through Hurricane Katrina.

"When you just wake up and everything is gone right in front of your eyes, everything you worked for is gone, it's just terrifying," said Strickland remembering what she had gone through seven years ago.

Taking up this entire wing of rooms and four more upstairs, at least 60 members of the Strickland family came here running from Hurricane Isaac and are now wondering what's next.

"We're in a crisis. We don't even know if we can go back home and they say the bridges are closed," said Strickland's cousin, Chiante Singleton, who lives near the rest of her family in St. Charles Parish, just under 30 miles southeast of New Orleans.

"We all live in mobile homes down there so we don't know where we're going to so home to so I am so worried about, right now, our homes and the family we left down there," said Singleton.

Even though most of the family did evacuate the ones who stayed behind weigh heavy on Strickland's mind.

"That's what we're really worried about," said Strickland about family members who stayed behind in Louisiana. "We're trying to get a hold of them; we can't even get in contact with some of them. We're just praying for them, my eyes are in tears we're just praying for them."

And that's all Strickland says they can do, pray they have family and a home to go back to as they watch and wait out the storm.

After a disaster making sure friends and family are safe is on the top of the to-do list.

The American Red Cross recommends registering for their "Safe and Well" program.

Click the provided link to head to the Red Cross web site where you can register yourself as "safe" so your family members can check the list and be at ease.