Possibly the 17th try will be the charm, and someone will win tonight's record Powerball jackpot.

Ticket sales at Southeast Texas convenience stores were brisk and by 6 p.m. Wednesday more than $63 million worth of tickets had been sold Wednesday in Texas alone.

That statistic was evident from the lines at possibly the "luckiest" store in Beaumont -- Dos Amigas on Avenue C.

The store has sold two big jackpot winning tickets in the past one earlier this year.

With the push of a button and the rip of a ticket customers at Dos Amigas had cash in hand to buy powerball tickets hoping to win big.

"I'm going to win. Remember my face, remember my name," Marcus Robinson said confidently.

Every customer had their own way of picking numbers. For some it was a simple quick pick, others like Latarsha Lewis had their own formula.

"I have five grandchildren so I used their birthdays," Lewis said.

The odds of winning Wednesday's Power Jackpot was 1 out 175 million.

Is there really a formula to trump such a number?

Not necessarily but wintrillions.com says here's how you can possibly improve your chances.

Play a balanced game or don't pick numbers in one group like single digits only or only numbers in the 20's.

Remembering someone's birthday is sweet but don't use dates on lottery tickets.

If the numbers go up to 80, and the highest you pick is 31 you're limiting yourself to half the board.

Don't pick the same combination of numbers that won during the last drawing. The odds of the same numbers coming up two drawings in a row are long.

And if there's a power number like in powerball, don't duplicate a number you've already chosen.