The music can get people moving. For Frank Grados, Zumba not only became a new workout routine but a way to bond with others.

He sees the positivity pop out of people in his Zumba classes. He’s been an instructor for over a year.

"I kind of feel like we're stressed out all the time and to have something like Zumba where for one or two hours we can block out everything else going on we can just focus and get lost in the music, it's joyful," Grados said.

Over 15 million people in 180 countries are part of the Zumba sensation.

BMA Productions LLC gathered dozens to dance and donate to Child Abuse and Forensic Services, which offers various resources to sexual assault victims.

Board president, Jes Prince hopes they can continue to spread awareness in the community about their cause.

"You can get a good workout have a good time but we also want people to know about Child Abuse and Forensic Services," Prince said.

Grados is grateful that Zumba can help people on and off the dancefloor.

"I've heard some really great stories of people losing weight in Zumba, battling depression, people who didn't have any friends now having friends and people with no confidence having all the confidence in the world, it's transformational,” Grados said.

Prince says she hopes to bring the dance back to Beaumont next year.

She encourages anyone who wants to get involved with her organization to check out their website.