Commuters of farm to market road 365 will need to be aware of a delay at the Hillebrant Bayou Bridge, many years of use have taken a toll on the structure and TxDOT says it's time for it to be replaced.

Signs have already been posted to remind drivers of the daytime bridge repairs, and homeowners who live on the Labelle side of the bridge says the structure is vital for those who live in the area.

"It's very important that they keep it up," says Ray Gary, who has been living just less than a block away from the bridge.

"That's the main road," he says.

Hundreds of cars commute through that road on the daily.

"It's very important for those that work so they won't have to go 20 miles out of their way," Gary says.

Commuters like Ray will now have another road block while driving down highway 365.

TxDOT is working to reinforce the bridge hoping to open bids for the project by next June.

Once construction begins, This will take TxDOT about 2 years to rebuild.

"We can't go anywhere unless we go about 20 miles out," Gary says.

"We can't go to Walmart, H-E-B, or anywhere in Nederland or Port Neches," He explains.

The bridge is a source of transportation widely used, this construction hoping to make it easier for those who commute.

"All we have to do is bide with them and they'll get it fixed," He says.

Although it might take commuters a little longer to make it across the bridge, TxDOT says they will keep one lane open to keep traffic flowing

They urge drivers to take extra precaution while driving over the bridge.