Crayons, folders, glue, dozens of back to school supplies taking over the Lumberton Civic Women’s League office Sunday.

The non-profit organization is collecting back to school supplies for students who are financially disadvantaged.

“They are all from Lumberton. We send out the letters in May through the schools to let the parents know that those that are disadvantaged economically can call and sign their children for their school supplies.” Said Mary Hill, president of the group.

Volunteers have been collecting items for 200 students from grades Pre-K to 12th grade. The drive is to help parents with a tight budget during this time of year.

According to the consulting firm, Deloitte, parents will spend an average of $500 dollars per child on school supplies.

Heather Martin, a mother of two, says she can relate to the spending. “Without even touching uniforms this year, just supplies for the two I am already about $400 to $500 dollars for both.” Martin said.

The goal is to make sure every student has everything they need from their school supplies list.

Members say they are still in need of book bags, and spiral binders, and possibly jackets.

“They need the spiral notebooks, the pens, the pencils, erasers, everything they need!” said Hill.

The Lumberton Civic Women’s League will also be collecting supplies at the Atlus Emergency Center on August 12th.

Anyone who wishes to donate can contact the group by calling (409)-755-7338 or message them on their Facebook page.