Kristina Borden of Lumberton says God connected her to the leader of the Tender Love orphanage in Jinja, Uganda back in October.

"He would express to me that, we haven't had water for three days we haven't had food for several days," Borden said.

After hearing the struggles in the lives of 26 kids who live there, she decided to help by setting up a fundraising page on DonorSee.

Five months later, over $10,000 has helped kids with daily necessities like food, water and clothing.

"I haven't really at any point felt like I've done anything, I've made project pages on a charity app and the rest is not from me, it just blew me away that the money and the support came," Borden said.

Borden regularly talks with the kids on FaceTime. On most calls, the kids will sing or thank Kristina for her generosity and compassion.

Borden thinks that seeing how the money has helped orphans in their daily lives has also improved daily life for this mother of three daughters.

Borden feels her seven-year-old daughter understands that not all kids have the same fortune as others.

"She understands that meals are not a given for everyone, she feels extremely blessed and to count the little things in life and to really understand that you may not have it so bad, that's really helped me and has really changed things for me," Borden said.

To her, the most important change is the improvement of life for this grateful group of kids.

Borden hopes to visit the orphanage one day. One of her goals is to raise $25,000 for the kids to have a new home.

Borden posts updates for the kids on the orphanage's Facebook page.