A Nederland woman is being praised on social media for her bravery when she ran after several suspects accused of trying to break into cars near her business at the CDL Fitness parking lot across from Central Mall.

The incident happened last Monday night at around 7 pm.

In the dispatch call, you hear the dispatcher say, "9-1-1, emergency, emergency."

Jessica Higginbotham responds breathing heavily, "hello, I have a green Buick J-V-D-5-8!"

"They opened someone's vehicle," She says with a large gasp.

"I ran down the road to get the license plate," she explains to the dispatchers.

"The car pulled over to the side and they hopped in," Jessica states.

Breathless, Jessica shows her bravery after running towards thieves trying to break into cars.

"As soon as I was running across the parking lot, I was calling 9-1-1, then they hopped in the green car," Jessica says.

"I was chasing them to get all the numbers of the license plate," she explains.

Word of her quick thinking got out when her husband Blake hopped on social media to share what happened.

The story of her bravery spreading like wildfire from news feed, to news feed.

"I just want to let y'all know that I have an awesome wife," Blake says in a Facebook video.

"I know a lot more could have happened to Jessica for chasing after them, I wish I would have been there," He says.

"I know something bad could have happened and I just did what I did," he says.

Chasing after thieves is something the Nederland Police Department does not recommend.

"We don't want our victims hurt," says Chief Darrell Bush, with Nederland Police.

Jessica says, looking back she knows what she did was dangerous, but is thankful she stayed safe.

"I just acted off of instinct and wrong is wrong, and I'm not a person tolerable for wrong," she says.

So far no arrests have been made.