A Beaumont family went through a terrible experience when their horse was shot and killed last month. A woman has offered to donate two new horses to the family to make up for their loss.

Bertrand Ceaser took his horse trailer up to Silsbee this afternoon, to meet his two new horses.

Penny Saulter heard about Ceaser's loss of a young filly last Sunday and says the horse did not deserve that treatment.

"It was really, you know it was unnecessary violence, it was sad you know? And so my husband and I were talking about it and I was like, man, why would someone do that to a horse?" Saulter said.

And Ceaser was humbled by Saulter's gift.

"That was really nice for her to give me that, I'm sure I'm going to like them," Ceaser said.

Stocking and Taz have been together since birth.

"They have really what you call separation anxiety, one gets real upset if the other one leaves and so that's why I had to send them both with him. But they are really loving together," Saulter said.

Ceaser says they will be loved.

"They'll be good, I got four or five horses too so it'll be nice," Ceaser said.

Beaumont Animal Services is still investigating the horse shooting from last month.