A woman on the Bolivar Peninsula is hoping to reunite a GoPro camera back to its owner.

Vickie Goss tells us she found it at the edge of the Gulf Coast.

"It was wrapped in seaweed," Goss says.

It's not a message in a bottle, it's a collection of memories.

"I picked it up to put it in a trash can, and I was like, oh it's a GoPro," she says.

Goss found this GoPro camera at Crystal Beach during labor day weekend.

"I turned it on and it was pretty amazing," Goss says.

"It was still working and air tight," she explains.

And inside the camera memories of skateboarding, playing with dogs, and fishing.

"I saw it was a young man, having fun with his GoPro, so now I need to find who it belongs too," she says.

And while the days pass, the search continues, hoping to reunite this camera with it's lost owner.

"People need to be honest and respect other people's property," Goss says.

"I hope we can find him," she says.

Vickie tells us she hopes someone recognizes the young man in the video, hoping to unite the camera with its owner.