52-year-old Stacie Fontenot will never forget this Thanksgiving weekend when she got a surprise visit from someone she'd never thought would be on her property. A repossession employee.

"He asked me about the name and about the car and I was honest with him and I said no without any attitude because I figured he was at the wrong house." said Fontenot.

Fontenot says the man came looking for a white Nissan Sentra. The fitness trainer claims he had the wrong address and that's when things got heated. "I never had anyone come here and threaten to shoot me on my property." she told 12News.

Fontenot also took a picture of the man giving her the middle finger. She then posted the picture igniting a firestorm on social media.

In the state of Texas, a repo man can come on to your property at anytime but if there is a breach of the peace caused by the repo man, the creditor could be liable.

"He called me the N word and lots of the B word. Just wasn't really nice." Fontenot said.

She told 12News the company has apologized for the incident over the phone but says that is not enough.

12News spoke to the owner of 24-Hour Recovery. The owner says the accusations made by Fontenot are false and could not go into further details about the incident due to privacy laws.

The company has also retained a lawyer.