The Galveston County Sheriff's Office has released the probable cause reports for the arrests of four men in a spring break beach brawl. 18-year-old Noah Frillou of Orange, was seriously injured in the altercation.

A female witness told detectives while she was trying to get somewhere safe on that day of March 18th, she saw Frillou get hit by 18-year-old Morris Joseph.

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Another witness says quote: "Rufus Joseph and Deionte Thompson were two of the people that were kicking Frillou after he fell to the ground." The witness also described Thompson's clothing.

21-year-old Daletredric Wolfford known as "D" was identified in a witness statement as kicking Frillou in the head while he was on the ground. 

All four men turned themselves in to authorities nearly a month after the brawl and have been released on 20-thousand dollar bonds.

Beach Fight PC Affidavit