Peyton and Dawsen Revia aren’t like normal kids. The 9 and 6 year-old brothers travel the country racing ATV’s.

“I’ve been to Minnesota,” recalled the 6 year-old Dawsen. “Wait what’s the next national? Tennessee”

The list goes on. While this may be fun, the boys are also pretty good at it too. Racing their final race in The ATV Motocross Championship series this weekend in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee.

“I’m sitting third in the country and I pretty much have third locked down,” said Peyton. “I just have to finish the race at nationals.”

Both Peyton and Dawsen are nationally ranked 3rd and 4th in their age group respectively by the AMA ATV Championship Series. Even their older sister is getting in on the fun, ranked 5th in her age group.

“This is the first sport that all of us enjoy,” said Nichole Revia, the boy’s mother. “There is six of us and every single one of us, from the little girl playing Barbie’s to the oldest one, loves it.”

Even though the draw to racing is obvious

“(I like) going fast, and jumping jumps,” said Dawsen.

The time spent with family might be the real victory.

“The biggest thing for me is the memories we are making along the way,” said Nichole. “Because we have traveled the country this summer, and we just have some many great memories.”