The poll numbers are getting too close to call following a recent poll by the University of Houston showing the presidential candidates apart by only three percent in Texas.

On Monday, the Hillary Clinton campaign said it will now start running television ads in Houston, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio.

Making this the second time since 1976 that a democratic presidential nominee has brought t.v. airtime in the state.

"That doesn't surprise me because Hillary Clinton is well funded by George Soros and she has the money to put ads on t.v." Said Michael Truncale with the Jefferson County Republican Party of Texas.

Truncale says the ads will not impact the solidly republican state and he is certain that Southeast Texas will vote republican this election. "I've spent a lot of time in the streets of Beaumont knocking on doors, trying to get the vote out and I can tell you that he has tremendous support here in Southeast Texas."

However, Jefferson County Democratic Party Chairman, Cade Bernsen says this year, this election, the state could be in play. "States that are thought to be solidly red are now competitive. So we are going to do our part in Southeast Texas to help Hillary Clinton and our local candidates."

But the real question still remains...will Texas stay red or become blue in 2016?

"The fact that they are bringing the resources to Texas to air in our market, that is great for the party and the State of Texas." Said Bernsen.

Early voting starts October 24th. Election Day is November 8th.