The widow of Port Arthur rapper Pimp C has been removed as the controller of her late husband's estate.

Chinara Butler, widow of the late Chad Lamont Butler, aka Pimp C, was removed as "administrix" of the estate by Jefferson County County Court-at-Law No. 1 Judge Gerald W. Eddins on Wednesday.

The "administrix" is the person who controls the estate.

Pimp C's son, Chad Butler, Jr., requested to be put in charge of his late father's estate according to court documents filed in June 2016.

Pimp C, who died in December 2007, did not have a will according to court filings.

In his petition to gain control of the estate from his step-mother, Chinara Butler, cited mismanagement of the estate.

Judge Eddins is expected to appoint a new person to control the estate on Friday.