Capital murder suspect for the Kera Teel case has been identified as Jared Bias (AKA BullDawg), they say he was a member of the "Y.O.G." gang, short for "Young Original Gorillas".

Just less than a mile away from Clark Elementary school, you'll find graffiti on the wall that says "YOG" and "RIP BIG MARV," off of Magnolia Ave.

Investigators say this group has roots here in North Beaumont, especially in local high schools.

"No use for gangs," says Jason Banks, who has been living in Beaumont's North end for over 10 years.

"We're all trying to make it in this world, there is no use for violence or anything," He says.

For Banks, It's a reminder of friendships to avoid.

"I just stay to myself and pray up," Bank says.

"I don't involve myself around certain people," he says.

Police say, Jared Bias, who was recently arrested for the capital murder of 19-year-old Kera Teel and her newborn daughter, is a member of the YOG gang.

"She was so young and pregnant, it makes me really bad," Banks says.

"It's not safe to go out our own house," he says.

Law enforcement tells us the YOG is not a new gang, they go as far back as to 2011.

They say that the death of 18-year-old Marvin Patrick Hall Jr. was also gang related.

Police say Hall was shot while trying to carry out a home invasion, also happening in the North Beaumont end on Durden Street.

Graffiti found in BMT's north end

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"Keep out of trouble or it'll get you hurt or in jail," Banks says.

The gangs' activity plays a prominent role on the local rap scene.

It's affiliations and marks, representing various local music groups on YouTube.

Some refer to the gang as a family, but are now leaving behind footprints of criminal activity.

"That's not right, stay in school, go to church or something," says Banks.

"Gangs are not the answer," he explains.

12News reached out to several members of the organization who tell us they do not have an interest in speaking.