The junior class at West Brook high school is banding together showing their support for a classmate who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma disease last month.

“I thought that was very special, I wasn't expecting that,” says 17-year-old Brandon Christian.

At was an emotional day at West Brook High School’s auditorium, students dressed in purple in support of Brandon Christian, who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

“It turned my world upside down, I knew I had to stay strong for my mom and everyone else in my family,” says Brandon.

Sadly, for these 11th graders, seeing a friend battle cancer is nothing new.

Marin Andres also had a scary diagnosis this year, but can proudly say she's beat cancer, now she is here at the auditorium helping Brandon get through his scary diagnosis.

“I wasn't here to see what people did in person, now that I see what they did to me and they're doing for Brandon, it makes me feel so grateful,” she says.

The health battles among students don't stop with Marin and Brandon, another classmate recently passed away from cancer, 2 others diagnosed with sickle cell, and one student was placed in a diabetic coma.

The 7-hundred healthy students are determined to reach graduation day -- together.

Brandon and Marin are two classmates -- one beat cancer, and the other still fighting.

“Stay strong Brandon!” says Marin.

“Thank you everyone for the prayers!” says Brandon.

Both students are a living proof that giving up is not an option, and a reminder of why the group is held together for so long.