The mother of a West Brook student is speaking out after watching a video of a brawl at her son's high school this week. Natasha Simon is even part of the Football booster club. She says seeing the video of Wednesday's brawl left her numb, knowing her own children could easily have been in the path of that car.

"I had a lot of emotions when I saw the video," said Simon.

The Bruin mom is still processing the disturbing video that shows a car plowing into students in the West Brook parking lot. Breathing a sigh of relief, Simon says she is thankful no students were seriously hurt or killed. The man behind the wheel and students involved are now facing charges.

"We don't know where [the driver will] end up and how that incident is going to change his life," said Simon.

Video circulating online is also gathering thousands of comments. Some posts are hateful.

"As an African-American parent the actions of a select few were marked as a whole," said Simon.

She's not just speaking up about criticism of the race of students in the video but the parents of those in the parking lot, Wednesday afternoon.

"We can instill what they need in them and they still make the wrong decision," said Simon.

She gives a thumbs up to BISD's policy change which holds students under school supervision in the cafeteria to cut down on loitering after class. Now Simon hopes student leaders will step up and encourage their friends to find constructive and safe ways to resolve teen conflicts.

"There are a lot of great students [at West Brook]. Even some of the trouble students are great students," said Simon. "They're just trying to find themselves."

The new policy at West Brook, aimed at cutting down on unsupervised students after school, impacts those who are not in an after school program, club or sport. Those who don't leave campus right away will have to wait in the cafeteria until their parents pick them up. Administrators say parents who do not pick their students up in a timely manner could be referred to Child Protective Services.