Bridge City neighbors saw an increase in brown water issues this weekend due to two house fires and a broken six inch water line according to City Manager Jerry Jones.

The city used eight fire hydrants to flush water lines in problem areas.

Shawn Gordon lives right across the street from the busted water line on Sudduth Drive. She said around eight Sunday night she and others were experiencing low water pressure and brown water flowing from faucets.

“That's when we went over there and saw the water gurgling up,” Gordon said.

She said soon after calling the city, crews quickly showed up.

“We're good, it's not colored, discolored like it was,” Gordon said. “It only lasted until you flushed it out for 20-30 minutes."

The neighbor of six years feels for neighbors experiencing similar water issues but urges people be patient with the long standing situation.

“I got it too, my toilet bowl is brown like everyone else's,” Gordon said. “While I empathize and we all have water issues. The city is doing the best they can. They are dealing with a lot. It's a lot to do. But eventually we'll get this taken care of. I have every faith in them.”

Neighbors with brown water issues are encouraged to call the city so crews can flush water lines.

City Hall phone number: (409) 735-6801