Wednesday's storms caused flooding around south Jasper County dumping approximately nine inches of rainfall in a two to three hour time span. 

FM 1004 and US96 were closed earlier Wednesday, and Texas 62 had severe flooding. Several county roads have been flooded throughout the day.

Tow trucks were dispatched all over the area to pick up submerged vehicles.

Buna Junior High students remained at school during school hours. Parents who chose to pick of their kids from school had to pick them up from First Baptist church due to the severe flooding at the school.

Buna parents drove through at least a foot of water in order to pick up their kids from schools Wednesday afternoon.

There are no changes to the Buna ISD school schedule for tomorrow at this time according to Steve Hyden, Buna ISD superintendent.

Hyden states that if it rains past midnight, the school district with reassess in the morning. Parents will be notified by an all-call system if a change is made to the school schedule at approximately 6:00 or 6:30 tomorrow morning. If parents do not receive a call, then the school is on a regular time schedule.