Milo was only in his new home for a week before a venomous snake bite left him paralyzed.

"He's listless, he's lethargic, he cannot stand at all," Abate said.

Liz Abate has been taking care of her granddaughter's kitten for the last three days.

Their veterinarian said to keep Milo hydrated and keep him warm so he doesn't go into shock. An anti-venom treatment does not guarantee that Milo recovers from the bite.

"It's just a wait-and-see game right now. We're just hoping and praying that he's going to pull through but we're not sure,” Abate said.

In Beaumont, the latest data from 2015 shows that 93 snakes were captured in or around homes according to Beaumont Animal Services. Data from 2016 has not been released yet.

Venomous snakes commonly found in the area include the timber rattlesnake, the southern copperhead, the western cottonmouth (also, and the Texas coral snake.

Matthew Fortenberry with Beaumont Animal Services recommends keeping your yard clear of brush or debris to prevent snakes like these from creeping close to your home.

"To keep them out of your house, which is a very common occurrence that we have here, is to make sure that you have all holes around the bottom of your house sealed, go along and make an annual inspection of your house," Fortenberry said.

Abate hopes that others keep an eye out for the sake of their pets and kids.

"If it can do this much damage and bite a kitten, it'll bite a kid," Abate said.

Beaumont Animal Services says if parents or kids can't properly identify a snake, call a local animal control unit.