Terrie Green met me earlier at the Jefferson County Courthouse to address election concerns. She's registered in Hardin County and wants to avoid all chances of a rigged vote.

She believes Donald Trump's claims of a rigged election hold some truth.

She asked the Hardin County clerk about the tools she will use to cast her vote for the Republican candidate.

"It really concerns me what type of machines do you use and how can you prevent the fraud that could uh possibly take place?" Green asked.

"We get our machines from Hart Intercivics. They send us the memory card and we program the machines, myself and two other ladies in my office and everything is kept in rooms where there's no way anyone else can get to our equipment," Alston said.

After voters are asked twice to submit their choice, those memory cards are saved and counted on Election Day.

Alston says no votes will change between now and November 8.

"None of our machines are hooked up to the Internet, whatsoever. I mean that candidate is not going to be on that machine unless the voter actually puts the name on the ballot," Alston said.

This information puts Green's mind at ease.

"Thank you so much. And it's really good to know that Hardin County is for us voters and I appreciate that," Green said.

She says she can walk to the polls with confidence to cast her vote.

For Jefferson County voters, county clerk Carolyn Guidry released a statement on their voting system.

They say the Hart voting system is certified at the federal and state level and is also not connected to the internet.

The county tests the system for accuracy before every election. If you have any questions, you're asked to contact your county clerk for the county you’re registered to vote.