The intense work of volunteers continued in North Beaumont today. Homeowners on Old Voth Road and others are starting to recover goods from their homes.

Two Arkansas men helped two men pull a trailer out of neck-deep water off of Hurley Road.

Patrick Morris and Scott Beard started their journey of volunteering in Orange before heading to Beaumont.

In Orange, they gave out bottles of water and food to evacuees.

“What was really sad was people were asking us if they were going to charge for water, like, it's free, they only own what they're wearing, that's it, and we had two and a half pallets handed out within two hours,” Morris said.

A sad sight to Morris was seeing dozens of homes under several feet of water. One of those homes belonged to Jason Miles.

Miles served barbecue outside of a makeshift shelter after his home took on up to seven feet of floodwater.

"I woke up this morning and the Lord kind of compelled me to help others and cook this leftover food and it's been nonstop," Miles said.

The nonstop effort of several people inside and outside the Southeast Texas community is what some believe will help homeowners rebuild after Hurricane Harvey’s devastation.

"Especially speaking one on one with the people, and really seeing how emotional they are, it gets to you, but in a way, I'm just glad we were in a position to come down here and help," Morris said.

Morris and Beard say they plan on staying to help out until they can return to Arkansas.

Miles says he fed up to 40 people on Friday.