A Vidor sergeant was overjoyed when he had a surprise visit from the baby he saved in March Thursday afternoon.

Sergeant Lee Brading was smiling ear to ear when he laid eyes on 8-month-old baby Nyle at the Vidor Police Department.

Sergeant Brading gave CPR to Nyle when he stopped breathing at his home in March.

“I went in there and did what I was supposed to do, what I was trained to do and tried to keep everyone calm in the process and thankfully we had a happy ending to that," said Sergeant Brading.

Nyle’s mother, Jessica Koester said she is grateful that Sergeant Brading was able to step in to save the day.

“He’s a life saver, he helped us all, I don’t think our family could have taken anything like that,” said Koester.

The baby was taken to the hospital for several months and was treated for whooping cough and pneumonia.

Koester said a tube was surgically placed in his belly for feeding because he has issues with swallowing.

She said her son has been back home since July but said she plans on taking him back to the hospital later in January for a checkup.

Sergeant Brading and baby Nyle instantly bonded by sharing smiles and laughter together.

Koester calls Sergeant Brading a hero but he is extremely humble.

“I can only imagine how tragic it would be if I lost mine, so we do everything we can do to help everyone else,” said Brading.

Koester looks forward to more visits with Sergeant Brading and said she wants Nyle to get to know the man who saved his life.

Sergeant Brading was awarded the Vidor Police Department's "Life Saving" award back in May.