The newly renamed Luke LaPray lane in Vidor holds a lot of memories for the LaPray family. Luke's father, Hal says that was where his son spent countless happy moments.

"They spent many hours hanging out at the pond or whatever things they did when the parents weren't around and it was a lot of fun," LaPray said.

Four years ago, Luke was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a form of cancer.

But the Vidor community rallied around Luke, as he led the pirates onto the field in a 2013 football game.

LaPray says that moment embodies the overwhelming love the community showed for a courageous boy.

"And so that moment that's what that means to me and in a lot of ways sort of represents the whole struggle that we had," LaPray said.

And Hal feels seeing this sign will continue to remind him of the positive memories he shared with his son.

"I certainly appreciate the gesture and I appreciate the community and this gesture of support in memory of us as a family and for Luke and his memory," LaPray said.