An emotional day for a Vidor Police Department Officer, Sergeant Lee Brading was honored with the department's "Life-Saving" award.

The recognition is because he rescued a 1-month-old baby from suffocating.

“The first thing I did when I arrived on the scene saw the baby laying on the kitchen table,” says Brading.

Baby Nyle was losing his breath.

“I cradled the baby’s head and began CPR,” says Brading.

A heroic act by the Sergeant.

“I handed the baby to him and he got him breathing again,” says Jessica Koester, Nyle’s mother.

 And for that lifesaving deed, Sergeant Brading is now being recognized with the Department's "Life-Saving” award.

“One of the interesting things is he didn't tell anybody what he did, I saw it on a Facebook post, It shows you how humble and great community leader he is,” says Chief of Vidor Police Rod Carroll.

He's a hero who doesn't wear a cape but proudly sports a police officer badge.

“I hope he grows up to be healthy and has a happy life,” says Sergeant Brading, who gave baby Nyle an opportunity to recover his lost breath.

“I’m grateful for his life and the people who helped he save him,” says Jessica.

“Maybe he'll be a cop someday.” She explains.

Sergeant Brading says he isn't the only one who should be honored, he credits the dispatcher for their crucial role in saving the life of Nyle.