Vidor Independent School District releasing a statement on Sunday following Saturday's football game at Pirate Stadium.

According to the statement, several Vidor band students suffered symptoms from heat exhaustion during Saturday's game against Nederland.

Nearby heat index values on Saturday was recorded to be 99 degrees around kickoff at 2 p.m.

Parents took their frustrations to social media following the incident.

An exact number of how many students has not been confirmed yet with the district.

Read statement here:

Shortly after halftime of yesterday's Vidor vs. Nederland football game, several Vidor band students became ill due to heat. Quick action was taken by several staff members and the students were taken for medical attention at the ambulance. Due to concerns about the large numbers of students that were ill, the band was dismissed from the game and allowed to go home with their parent/guardian.

Vidor ISD will be taking steps to ensure that students are fully hydrated in the future. Student health is our top priority and we will strive to avoid any incidents like this. Additional water and careful attention will be taken with regard to performing in extremely hot situations like yesterday.

Jay Killgo, Ed.D.


Vidor Independent School District