Vidor has had many victims of floodwaters. One of those damaged homes belonged to Vidor football coach Jeff Mathews who had six feet of water in his house.

He’s one of many Vidor Pirates who can't wait to fill Pirate Stadium.
He is thankful his family and some of their precious property were saved from his home after Hurricane Harvey.

"We were blessed to all get out and be safe, but it took all our cars, our house, took everything, but we were blessed by some church members that took us in and we're very blessed," Mathews said.

Mathews also feels blessed that his team stepped up to help in his time of need, despite nearly 80 percent of his players being displaced by the storm themselves.

"The minute they found out that I lost my home they were calling me, 'Coach we love you, we're going to help you rebuild when you start doing it, let us know,’” Mathews said.

“The best thing about that is they're going through the same loss I am, but their first instinct was to help me, just like my instinct was to help them," Mathews said.

The teamwork from his players is what he hopes to see on the sidelines soon.

"People say, coach how can you think about football at a time like this? Again, I think our community is going to need it,” Mathews said.

“Right now I'm thinking about tomorrow, if I can get to my house done, I can do this, when can I do this, when will I get my kids clothes for school? But for two hours, I'll forget all about that," Mathews continued.

Coach Mathews says that a meeting with the Vidor ISD school board on Friday will determine when football practice will resume.