Elton Lynn says the hit-and-run that involved his then two year old son in April, has left scars that are more than physical.

“He's hurt. He still has nightmares. He still panics when he sees a SUV,” said Lynn. He still has scarring on his face. He wakes up at night time and says is the bad man going to come and get me.”

Lynn and his family were playing football at Denbow Mobile Home Park when a SUV driven by Jason Leutloff struck Aiden Lynn. Leutloff fled the scene. He was later arrested, and would bond out of jail. But since then a warrant has been issued for Leutloff for allegedly failing to meet the conditions of his bond. Meanwhile, Lynn and his family are left to pick up the pieces after the event.

“We moved from the recent place because every time, my two year old would walk out, he's three now, he would clinch onto me and tell me no no no, the bad man is out there in his truck,” said Lynn. And I don't want that, so we moved because of that.”

Now he says that he just wants justice.

“So I just want him to face reality and turn himself in,” explains Lynn