Following the drowning death of a seven year-old Beaumont boy on Easter Sunday some viewers on our social media claimed that swimming in the Sabine or Neches Rivers is more dangerous for kids than swimming in other bodies of water.

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In order to help verify this claim by viewers on our social media we spoke to Shari Pulliam of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to find out more about drowning deaths of children.

Kenneth Haynes, Jr., 7, of Beaumont was the 20th child in Texas to drown this year according to Pulliam.

Half of those deaths happened in swimming pools, including a Mauriceville boy who drowned in a League City hotel pool earlier this month Pulliam said.

Six Texas children have drowned in a lake or pond and four have drowned in a bathtub this year Pulliam  said.

In Jefferson County four children drowned in 2016 Pulliam told 12News, including two in a hotel pool, one in a backyard pool and one in a bathtub.

No drownings in the past year in Jefferson County have occurred in a lake or river she said.

The claim that swimming in the Neches or Sabine Rivers claims more lives is false.

While swimming in these places can be dangerous they are not more dangerous than swimming in a swimming pool or even a child bathing in a tub.

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